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Would-be worlds



Exhibition Contacts

Erarta Galleries London

+44 (0) 20 7499 7861


works of art in the exhibition

Act Anatomy of Feelings no. 1 Anatomy of Feelings no. 2 Anatomy of Feelings no. 3 Anatomy of Feelings no. 6 Atlantrope no. 1 Beach Crystal Coast Lightning Midnight Ultra Violet

About this Exhibition

Erarta Galleries London is delighted to present Would-be worlds during Russian Art Week.  An exciting exhibition inspired by the work of Veronica Smirnoff, a native of Moscow but educated at London’s prestigious Slade School of Art and the Royal Academy of Art, the exhibition explores space as illusory, ephemeral places and fairy-tale worlds, both magical and somewhat foreboding.   In this year cultural exchange with Russia, the exhibition also presents work by Rinat Minnebaev, Anna Urazova, Valery Valran, and Evgeny Zaremba – a diverse group of artists, working across Russia and in London, all united by their examination of mystical vision.